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Mont Blanc’s sales had already recovered, but the customer seemed to ask for cheap products only. It was hard to sell high value fountain pens of high quality at good prices. The faith in long-lasting products seemed to have vanished after the years of crisis and recession. As a response by means of efficient marketing Mont Blanc presented the Masterpiece – Meisterstück in 1924. The pens named thus always were the top of the range, of mont blanc fountain pens highest standards and equipped with a lifetime warranty. The name promised quality made by master craftsmen and the lifetime warranty did successfully point out a long-lasting product. Masterpieces, against all trends to the cheap item immediately were a big success.I had longed for a proper fountain pen for years when my love, who had been away for months in Switzerland for school, brought a Mont Blanc home for me as a special present. Not only did it express to me that I had been in mind during our unwelcome separation, but also that I was viewed as a treasure worthy of treasure. I love that pen, and carry it always near. The most special correspondence of my life has flowed from that pen, and the most special love of my life is honored by its commemoration with a token of the highest possible reaches of beauty and quality. This is what Mont Blanc is to me – perfect goods to record perfect moments, and to make perfect memories. This is the pinnacle of class. I have a Black Rubber & Platinum Montblanc Starwalker that is always at my side even though its frowned upon because I’m only 20. The love that it creates is surreal and the quality is unprecedented. The writing instruments are fantastic and I stand by all their products 100%. Mont Blanc is a synonym of quality and elegance. There is no other writing instrument that can get closer. Experience the feeling of writing with an art piece. Simply the very best pens, pencils and leather goods mont blanc refills made. The snow-capped top of the fountain pen are synonyms for me, mont blanc uk with style, power and glamour. People who are confident in themselves and their abilities use Mont Blanc fountain pens. It sends a message. It demonstrates an upscale class. It tells about montblanc pens the owner’s taste. The moment I set eyes on a Mont Blanc pen I knew I was standing before a piece of mont blanc pens art, a reference point. Wherever I go I carry my Mozart pen by Mont Blanc, in its own little black leather case. I bought a Mont Blanc pen for my brother. It means he is unique, and special. Mont Blanc is my lovemark.As far as Mont Blanc goes, there are many stories floating around the web about them, but I’ll add my two cents anyway. Their vintage pens are by just excellent, no question about it. In the 80′s, quality standards fell, including a new recipe for the “precious resin”. This new resin, combined with super-thin barrels in pens like the 144 Classique, resulted in the horror stories you hear about shattering barrels and things like that. Modern day Montblanc fountain pens are of good quality. Pick one up and you’ll feel it instantly. The nibs are excellent, few question that, and even the construction is better. If you avoid the Meisterstuck 144, durability is not nearly as bad as everyone likes to say, and Montblanc will warranty barrel damage, at least according to my local boutique. There remains a question regarding the price of modern Montblancs. I mark this as one of their greatest faults. The high prices are a result of Montblanc’s marketing decision to become an upscale “lifestyle” brand. The official company policy is to only sell their merchandise at full prices defined be manufacturer. If you were to compare Montblanc’s pen prices to comparable models from other companies, such as Lamy, you will find that they are definitely in line. The thing is, it’s not hard to find Lamy fountain pens at discounted prices, so it seems as if Montblanc is much more expensive. If you look around, and catch a deal, you’ll find that you generally get what you pay for from modern Montblanc Fountain pens. I recently bought a OM Boheme. It’s a great, small pen with a retractable nib. It’s solid, and a good writer. The modern Montblancs I’ve dealt with have been much montblanc pen better writers than most other modern fountain pens I’ve used, including my Namiki. A lot of negative views also come from the status-symbol mentality employed by some. It’s true, there are many people out there who own Montblanc ballpoints only to have that little white snowflake sticking out of their pocket. So to conclude, I like Mont Blanc pens. I prefer the Montblanc although I know it’s not cool to like something that is most popular. My wife gave me a big Montblanc pen and I lost it. So i bought another. And I lost it as well. So I bought another (as not to hurt her feelings) so, mathematically speaking, the Montblanc Boheme I’m using is a $680 pen. It absolutely writes as good as a Bic Powerball and, evidently, gets lost easier. How can it not be worth it?Just a month ago I could satisfy a need that I had fostered for a long time: to take a close look at the Cervantes Limited Edition fountain pen that is. I have always admired the Cervantes in pictures and now I wanted to see if the high price is justified and if I might fall for this pen. A friend of mine purchased the pen, mainly for his collection, and I jumped at the chance to try out a new pen when he offered (and who would refuse, uh?). I have to say that I am very skeptical of Montblanc pricing policy and their advertising. However, I am a lover of celluloid pens and – having this obsession with iridescent colors – I expected the Cervantes to be as rich in colors as my favorite celluloid pens (Omas, to name one).

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